OCSA Newsletter SPRING 2021

Message from the OCSA President – Bob Krohn

We welcome 2021 with the hope that this new year will provide effective vaccines to arrest the COVID pandemic and help restore our American way of life, free to enjoy life to the fullest, including all the recreational activities offered by the OCSA. As we plan for the warmth of Spring, the staff continues in its efforts to ensure your health and safety. Our focus remains one of compliance with all governmental guidance on masks, PPE, cleanliness, and social distancing practices. To this end, I note that we have also begun the renovation of our 9020 Kilgore restroom facilities as we will be installing touchless sink and toilet technologies to benefit your ongoing health and wellness.

As always, I encourage all members and their guests, to enjoy the beauty of nature through the portal of the OCSA. Please do so frequently and safely!

Finally, with my term ending in April, this is my last message to you as your OCSA President. It has been a privilege to lead the club forward and in serving all of you. Best regards, always.

Bob Krohn,
OCSA President

Sunset at the OCSA

Message from the General Manager – Debbie Warner

I hope you find time to come to the club to enjoy the lakes and to see all the renovations and improvements that the staff have been busy working on.
Annual renewal invoices were mailed to the mailing address that we have on file. Membership renewals are due by March 31st. If payment is not received by April 15th with $50 late fee, your membership will be cancelled as we have over 700 people on the new member wait list, eager to join the club! Payments can be mailed to: OCSA, PO BOX 690367, Orlando, FL 32869 or made online at Please let me know if you do not plan to renew your membership.
Vessel decals will not be mailed this year. When you pay your dues, a letter will be mailed with your April 2021 – March 2022 yellow membership sticker. The sticker must be placed on your white membership card. Bring your vessel to the club, after you pay your membership dues, and the staff will issue a new yellow decal for application.
We will continue to check membership cards when you enter the OCSA gate. If a guest is meeting you at the club, you must arrive prior to the guest. Please ensure your guest(s) give your name as being the member they are meeting.

The OCSA operating hours are on the website, Please ensure that the office has your current mailing address and email address. If I can be of assistance, please contact me directly at 407-876-2010 or

Debbie Warner
General Manager


Every two years there are elections for OCSA Directors. During this year’s election the six current directors, Karen Bowman, Ken Petterson, Ray Schoeffler, Joe Sikora, Bill Toppari, and Mike Turner were re-elected.

Congratulations to you all! OCSA wants to thank all the members who took the time to vote and the candidates who participated in the election! The next cycle for Director elections will be in February of 2023.

OCSA Rules and Regulations Reminders

Firearms, fireworks, sparklers, open flame candles, and sky lanterns/floating lanterns are prohibited on the OCSA property. The presence of a gas tank and gas pump elevate risk to the highest level. Sky lanterns and floating lanterns are banned in the state of Florida –

Launching is prohibited during periods of inclement weather to allow for vessels exiting the lake to do so without delay.

Vehicles and trailers are to be parked in designated areas only. Do not block boat storage areas and do not park in member’s rented boat storage areas. Head-in trailer parking only.
For more information on the OCSA and the rules and regulations, please view the OCSA video on our website, Click on ‘Become a Member’ and view the video by clicking on the arrow.


407-836-HELP – Call Orange County Sheriff’s office to report an incident

800-4-SEA TOW – Call Sea Tow if you are stranded on the lake and need a tow (fees are associated with this service)

Facility Rental Agreements

You can find OCSA facility rental agreements on the website, The 9020 rental agreement is for Blaine Hall, the Front Porch, Pavilion 1, Pavilion 2, and Pavilion 3. The Lake Sheen Hall rental agreement is for the large clubhouse. Each rental agreement comes with a 6-hour timeframe which includes set up and breakdown.

Sunset at the OCSA