Message from the OCSA President – Bob Krohn

Sunset at the OCSA

We are looking forward to a great 2023 New Year at the OCSA as we just completed a busy and challenging 2022! As always, the ongoing maintenance of the club grounds remains a priority for your Board and the entire OCSA Staff. The total team’s attention to detail is intended to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for our membership and their guests. From the timely member web-site/email/US mail communications to the perfect landscaping, sanitized restrooms, neat and clean pavilions, the pressure washed sidewalks and docks, brushed grills, maintained picnic tables/chairs, property signage, grounds lighting, well maintained roads and car/boat parking, etc. all reflect our efforts to provide an enjoyable OCSA boating and on-shore experience.

I would also be remiss if I did not “thank” the membership for their patience during the unprecedented rainfall and high Butler Chain water levels endured during 2022. “Mother Nature” brought record summer rainfall which was then trumped by the massive rains accompanying both the Ian and Nicole hurricanes in the Fall – which then necessitated the closing of the OCSA boat ramps due to multiple safety concerns. While we have only just recently re-opened the club ramps, member safety on the water should remain a “top of mind” concern for everyone.

As for 2023, we have already taken huge steps to improve the boat parking and kayak storage amenities. Our frontage walls have received a fresh coat of paint and new LED lighting has been installed in most corners of the entire OCSA property. New playground equipment is awaiting Orange County permitting as we expect it to be ready for your enjoyment by early Spring. The repair and re-installation of the north ramp floating dock has been a logistical challenge but progress is being made and we hope to remedy this hurricane damage within the next 30-60 days.

Important Reminder: The OCSA Board Election. Please mail in your ballot asap or vote in person at the OCSA on February 11th from 10AM – NOON.

We hope that everyone enjoys a “Happy 2023” and that the OCSA will be part of your enjoyment. On behave of the entire Board and Staff, we appreciate your support of the OCSA’s unique recreational offering on the Butler Chain.

Bob Krohn
OCSA President

Message from the General Manager – Debbie Warner

Happy New Year!

Annual membership renewal invoices were mailed on February 3rd. Membership renewals are due by March 31st. There is no late fee period this year as we intend to open up new memberships on April 1st. If payment is not received by March 31st, your membership will be CANCELLED. You are encouraged to pay your dues upon receipt of your statement. You will be able to make payments in February and March online at or by mail to OCSA, PO BOX 690367, Orlando, FL 32869. You can also drop off your payment at the club. Please ensure the office has your current mailing address and email address.

We will begin New Member applications effective April 1. We estimate that the current wait list sits at 5 years. As such, it’s even more important that you pay your renewal fee by March 31st so that you will not be disappointed.

The OCSA operating hours are on the website, If I can be of assistance, please contact me directly at 407-876-2010 or at The office hours are 8AM-3PM Monday-Friday. Appointments are encouraged.

Debbie Warner
General Manager


We will be hiring a seasonal employee, 18 years of age or older and working weekends only, starting in March through Labor Day. Responsibilities include member services such as checking membership cards, issuing decals, and assisting with gas and ice sales. The pay is $15/hour. If you are interested or know someone that may be interested, please contact the office at 407-876-2010 or send a resume to



  • MEMORIAL DAY “Lunch at the Lake” Celebration – MAY 29th 11:00AM – 1:00PM


All closing times are posted on the website, A webcam is on the website and is a great way to view lake conditions prior to coming to the club. On the rare occasion that we are out of gas, you will see an orange cover on the gas terminal – which can be seen on the webcam. We also update the water level and post updates during the week on the website.


  1. A member or spouse is permitted to have a maximum of 10 guests, including children, at any time. The member must arrive prior to their guests arriving on-site and must stay until their last guest leaves the property.

  2. Please keep our club clean. Do not litter. The numerous bottle caps that are thrown on the ground along with trash could end up in your bare feet or in the water! Let’s all do our part to protect our members, waters, and wildlife. Littering of the lakes or property is subject to suspension of OCSA membership or other Board action.

  3. The volume of personal music devices (radios, iPod, phones, cd players etc.) should not interfere with the enjoyment of club facilities by other members. Please tone it down when on property or on the water.

  4. No inflatable (bounce houses, slides, etc.) or motorized devices (drones, planes, carousels, etc.), or remote-control cars/boats, may be utilized on, or operated from, OCSA property.

  5. When operating your water vessel, please avoid the area surrounding the buoys in front of the OCSA docks. The waves that are created can cause damage to vessels tied to the docks and vehicle traffic is heavy due to club egress and ingress. For more information on the OCSA rules and policies, view the OCSA video and the rules and policies on our website,


  • 407-836-HELP – Call Orange County Sheriff’s office to report an incident

  • 407-448-4744 or 407-448-4746 – Call Water Patrol to report careless/reckless boating activities


Our peak season is April 1st through Labor Day. During this time, Lake Sheen Hall is the only area that can be rented on Saturday and Sunday. We do rent all areas Monday-Friday. The rental agreements are on the website. The 9020 rental agreement is for Blaine Hall, the Boardroom, the Front Porch, Pavilion 1, Pavilion 2, and Pavilion 3. The Lake Sheen Hall rental agreement is for the large clubhouse. Each rental agreement comes with a 6-hour timeframe which includes set- up time.