Member Events

Dear OCSA Members, July 21, 2020

We are pleased to report that we are fully open for all activities include lounging, sunbathing, picnicking, ice sales, gas sales, playground equipment usage, swimming, shore/dock fishing, sunset gazing, etc. Members have proven to be respectful of the new rules put in place to keep everyone safe.

Please do not come to the OCSA if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms. Members and guests must limit on shore groups to less than 10 people and must maintain a “social distancing” of 6 feet (from other groups/non group individuals), at all times. The OCSA grounds have been prepared to support this required “social distancing” as picnic tables and chairs have been separated to facilitate this distancing. DO NOT move any picnic tables from the current OCSA positioning. The wearing of masks is encouraged while on shore. Frequent hand washing is encouraged. Men’s and women’s bathrooms are open for member/guest usage (with only 1 person allowed inside, at a time). Please remember that these “social distancing” behaviors also apply to any gatherings (e.g. at Bird Island) where authorities will continue to be monitoring your activity – as will other OCSA members, other boaters, and lake side residents. Inadequate “social distancing” and/or “bad behavior” violations of any OCSA member, will result in the immediate suspension of membership rights, subject to an OCSA Board appearance for any potential re-instatement.

Additional important information:

  • We recommend that members and guests “car pool” to the club to minimize car parking requirements. Park within the white lines to ensure the maximum number of parking spaces can be utilized.
  • OCSA membership cards will be checked and must have the 2021 BLUE sticker affixed.
  • OCSA gas sales will be “contactless” for your safety.
  • A limited number of temporary overnight boat and trailer parking will be allowed. A form must be completed and a fee must be paid prior to leaving the boat or trailer overnight.
  • All members MUST arrive prior to their guests and all guests MUST leave when the member leaves the property.

Please visit the OCSA web-site before arriving at the club for daily opening and closing times. The staff will continue to provide you with periodic updates regarding the status of our club boat and trailer parking capacity, viewable on the lake view web cam. A “Green” sign (located near the gas pump) means that the club is less than 50% of capacity; a “Yellow” sign means that the club is 75% of capacity; and a “Red” sign means that the club is full with NO capacity for any additional boat trailer parking.

Please contact the OCSA Business Office at 407-876-2010 or if you have any questions.
Again, we appreciate our OCSA member’s understanding of these requirements. As always, we send our best wishes for your continued good health and safety!

Best Regards and Happy Boating/Picnicking!

Bob Krohn
OCSA President 2020-2021

Please mark these dates on your calendar!!!

New Member OrientationTBD
Memorial Day Family PicnicCANCELLED
Labor Day Family PicnicCANCELLED
Music on the LakeCANCELLED