OCSA Newsletter Spring 2022

Message from the OCSA President – Ken Petterson

We are busy at the club planning new projects to make the club safe and ready for your enjoyment.

The repairs to the North Ramp have been completed. A 14’ x 25’ section was removed and replaced with new precast concrete panels. Please make sure you do not power load. It’s very expensive to repair the ramps.

The asphalt was resealed and striped. The club remained open during both projects.

I hope everyone enjoys all that OCSA offers. It’s been a pleasure serving you as President over the last year. Wishing everyone a very safe and fun 2022!

Ken Petterson,
OCSA President

Sunset at the OCSA

Message from the General Manager – Debbie Warner

We are busy planning events for 2022!

Annual membership renewals are due by March 31st. You are encouraged to pay your dues upon receipt of your statement. This will avoid any late payments and possible loss of your membership. Payments can be made online at or mailed to OCSA, PO BOX 690367, Orlando, FL 32869. You can also drop off your payment at the club. Please ensure the office has your current mailing address and email address. Truly, the OCSA is still the Best Value that you will find anywhere!

New member applications will be emailed in mid-April. We have over 1100 people on the wait list and they are eager to join the club. It’s even more important this year to pay your renewal fee on time.

The OCSA operating hours are on the website, If I can be of assistance, please contact me directly at 407-876-2010 or The office hours are 8AM-3PM Monday-Friday. Appointments are encouraged.

Debbie Warner
General Manager


We are looking to fill a seasonal job opening. This position is for weekends during peak season. Responsibilities include checking membership cards, issuing decals, and assisting with gas and ice sales. If you are interested, please contact the office at 407-876-2010 or send your resume to


A traditional hot dog lunch will be served from 11:00AM to 1:00PM. Celebrate with your fellow members in Pavilion 1. Our guest parking area for boat trailers and vehicles will be open across the street for your convenience. We look forward to seeing you!
OCSA Memorial Day 2022 Flyer


All closing times are posted on the website, A webcam is on the website and is a great way to view lake conditions prior to coming to the club. On the rare occasion that we are out of gas, you will see an orange cover on the gas terminal which can be seen on the webcam. We also update the water level and post updates during the week on the website.
Sunset at the OCSA


You are invited to a FREE class at OCSA on June 11th from 9:00AM – 12:00PM in Lake Sheen Hall. Do you know what to do if the captain of your vessel is unable to continue due to injury or some other problem? What would you do if you found yourself Suddenly in Command? This free class will provide you with valuable information. RSVP to to reserve your seat.


The OCSA rules and regulations as well as the OCSA video are on the website,
Here are a few rules that we would like to highlight:
Drones are not allowed on OCSA property.

  • Pets are not permitted on OCSA property. Pets taken out on a member’s vessel must be transferred directly, without stopping, from the vehicle to the vessel. Upon return, the pet must be transferred directly, without stopping, back to the vehicle. Pets must be carried or leashed at all times. OCSA has provided a “dog walk” area by the exit gate for the comfort of your pet. Pets must be leashed and transferred directly, without stopping, to this area. All waste must be disposed of properly by the pet owner.

  • No vessel shall block the ramp access channels. This area is for loading and unloading purposes only. Tying off in the ramp is prohibited at all times. You can tie your boat to a cleat on the docks.

  • Guests must be accompanied by a member and/or spouse, or an immediate family member which is 16 years of age or older. Members must arrive prior to the arrival of their guests. Guests must leave when the member leaves. Children over the age of 22 require their own membership if they would like to come to the club without a parent or member.

  • Power loading and unloading are prohibited as it damages the ramps and access channels


  • 407-836-HELP – Call Orange County Sheriff’s office to report an incident
  • 407-448-4744 or 407-448-4746 – Call Water Patrol to report careless/reckless boating activities


Our peak season is April 1st through Labor Day. During this time, Lake Sheen Hall is the only area that can be rented on Saturday and Sunday. We do rent all areas Monday-Friday. The rental agreements are on the website. The 9020 rental agreement is for Blaine Hall, the Boardroom, the Front Porch, Pavilion 1, Pavilion 2, and Pavilion 3. The Lake Sheen Hall rental agreement is for the large clubhouse. Each rental agreement comes with a 6-hour timeframe which includes set-up time.