OCSA Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member?

How much does it cost to be a member?

  • Currently our annual fee is $250. There is a onetime membership initiation fee of $200.00.

Can I join at any time?

  • Our membership year runs from April 1st through March 31st. New member invitations are mailed once vacancies have been determined, approximately April 1st each year.

Who can launch a vessel at OCSA?

  • Only a rostered member, their spouse or immediate family member under the age of 23 can launch a vessel provided the vessel is registered to the member and has a current OCSA decal.

Is a non-member allowed to launch a vessel?

  • No. Only vessels registered to members are allowed to be launched.

Am I allowed to stay out on my boat overnight?

  • Members can stay on their vessel overnight after informing the OCSA staff of your intent. Tying off to our dock or accessing OCSA property after hours is prohibited.

When is closing time?

  • Closing times change throughout the year. Current closing times are posted at each ramp and on-line ocsaclub.com.

Is it possible to store my boat overnight?

  • Overnight parking for member’s vessels/ vehicles and guest vehicles is allowed. Member must fill out and sign the OCSA release form and pay a $5 fee for each vessel/vehicle.

How do I rent a part of the facility for a private function?

  • Please contact the business office for available dates. The Facilities Rental Agreement contains pricing and rules information. The new property is listed as the 9012 agreement and the original property is the 9020 agreement.

Where do members park?

  • Trailer parking and single vehicle parking is available on the 9020 property (lakeside) as well as overflow parking at the 9039 property (eastside).

Where do guests park?

  • Single vehicle parking is available on the 9020 property (lakeside) as well as overflow parking at the 9039 property (eastside).

Are you part of Orange County Government?

  • OCSA is a private non-profit organization and is not affiliated with Orange County Government.

Can I park my vessel in the ramp area?

  • No. After launching or before loading all vessels must remain clear of the launch area inside the ramps. Your vehicle and trailer may remain in the launch ramp until you have safely secured your vessel to an outside dock on the South Ramp or on the lake-side of the gas pump on the North Ramp.

Do you sell ice on the premises?

  • Ice is available on-site. Cost is $2.00 per 10lb. bag.


Where can I find the Orange County Boating Regulations?

Where can I take a Boater Safety Course?




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